Roasting Time Calculator

1. Choose a cooking method.
FAST ROAST Beef Fillet, Rack of Lamb
NORMAL ROAST Wing or Fore Rib, Topside, Pork Leg or Spare Rib, Leg of Lamb
SLOWER ROAST Silverside, Backrib, Shoulder of Lamb, large joints. N.B. For really slow roasts of belly pork or similar, see individual recipes.
2. Enter the weight:
3. Choose how well done.
RARE Good for sirloin, trimmed rack of lamb
MEDIUM Good for topside, leg of lamb
WELL DONE Good for most pork, leg of lamb
VERY WELL DONE Good for pork spare rib joint, shoulder of lamb
Roast For
at  ° C
Folowed By
at  ° C
Aim for a meat thermometer reading of  ° C

N.B. For fan ovens, reduce oven temperature by 10° C. Rest for 20 mins.

Using these times and temperatures should give you a pretty good result, but calculated roasting times can not take into account different shapes of joints, how cold the meat was when it went into the oven, or whether your oven temperature is actaully what it says on the dial.

For this reason a meat thermometer really is useful. Any cook shop stocks them, but if you get one with a wire so that it can be left in and read without opening the oven, it saves hassle. We got ours from Lakeland