The Meat Counter

We run a proper old-fashioned meat counter, or "window" in butcher speak. The "window" is the old shop window, but what matters is the butcher behind it with knife and saw ready to help you. Get your steak cut to the thickness you like... a rack of lamb French trimmed... a joint cut to just the size you want... would you like the crackling scored in diamonds or strips? Ask for what you want, and we will do our best to provide it. Give us some notice and we will guarantee it.

Our beef is mainly Aberdeen Angus or Hereford from East Stour. The beef is hung on the bone in the traditional manner. This succulent and tender meat is a deep red colour and ‘marbled’ with fat, an indication of the non-intensive way it was grown.

Venison comes from the woods. Wild roe deer are a serious pest to both commercial forestry and woodland ecology, but on the plate they are a tender, flavoursome delight. Our stalkers are working most of the year, but the doe season from November to March yields the very best meat.

Texel-mule lambs are reared and grass-fed for us at Thorn Hill farm in Stalbridge. This flavoursome lamb is perfect whether as a roast, or as easy to cook chops.

Mr Riggs of Shepton rears pigs for us. They are grown slower than normal to produce fantastically flavoured pork with good crackling. They have a reasonable covering of fat, but without the very thick layer of fat on the loin characteristic of some of the traditional English breeds. They are kept to high welfare standards.