Cheese Counter

I have always loved shopping in deli's. To be able to walk up to a counter and say "what will I like?", and to be enthusiastically lead through the options by someone who knows and loves their food, is a joy. If you have to try every one of our thirty-three West Country cheeses before you find one you like, so be it! This is food shopping for pleasure, not just to stay alive.

sliced pastrami

On site we make a wide range of cooked meats, from traditional ham and salt beef, to our Great Taste Gold Star winning smoked sausage. Our smoker uses pure oak sawdust from the estate sawmill. What can be more Stourhead than wild roe venison from the woods smoked with oak from the same woods.

pasties and pies

If you need instant sustenance after a gruelling stroll around the gardens, we cook pies, suasage rolls, quiches and our famous pasties.