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Bonham Farm - Woodland Creation Project


visual concept plan
Overall Plan

We are hoping to create new woodland on arable land at Bonham. The principle is to extend the existing mix of sensitively managed commercial conifer and broadleaved forestry further to the east. The change in land use will lead to a major sequestration of climate threatening CO2 and an improvement in water quality. Planting would start in the winter of 2021/2020.

Consultation, July 2019

The documents below give details of the project. Anyone is welcome to respond to the consultation, and specific stakeholders have been formally consulted. Please send any input to nick@stourhead.com.

WCPG 03 18_19 - Stage 2 Bonham SWE Draft 2 for Consultation .pdf

Bonham Farm WCDP Map 1 Site Context Plan.pdf
Bonham Farm WCDP Map 2 Biodiversity Features & Water bodies.pdf
Bonham Farm WCDP Map 3 Hist Des Features PROW.pdf
Bonham Farm WCDP Map 4 Location of Photographs.pdf
Bonham Farm WCDP Map 5 Soil Pit Locations.pdf
Bonham Farm WCDP Map 6 Site Appraisal.pdf
Bonham Farm WCDP Map 7a Design Concept Plan.pdf
Bonham Farm WCDP Map 7b Design Concept Plan NW Inset.pdf
Bonham Farm WCDP Map 7c Design Concept Plan SW Inset.pdf
Bonham Farm WCDP Map 8 Planting Design Plan .pdf

Bonham Farm WCDP App 2 ESC Sheets.pdf
Bonham Farm WCDP App 3 Photographic Survey.pdf
Bonham Farm WCDP App 4 Biodiversity Background Documents.pdf
Bonham Farm WCDP App 5 Landscape & Hist Landscape Background Documents.pdf
Bonham Farm WCDP App 6 Water Background Documents.pdf