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Round Timber

Our conifer species include Douglas fir, spruce, larch, western red cedar and western hemlock, while the broadleaves are particularly oak and ash, with beech, sweet chestnut, alder and sycamore also. The diverse nature of the woods means that a range of sizes and species are available at all times. We aim to produce high quality timber in a way that enhances the landscape and benefits wildlife. All timber is certified as sustainable under the Forest Stewardship Council® scheme (ref. SA-FM/COC-004552/G076).

Log Beams
Douglas Fir roundwood beams

For timber enquiries contact Mark Geruwich on 07967 754319 or m.gurowich@canopylanduse.co.uk

Saw Logs

We produce around 4000 m3 of timber a year, allowing continuity of supply. Long and short logs are available in the following species and sizes. Timber is available at ride side or delivered. Particularly clean or straight logs can be selected if required, and logs for special applications such as timber framing or ships' masts can be selected standing by the customer.

Species (click for descriptions) Maximum Diameter (cm)
Douglas Fir 110
Sitka Spruce 90
Norway Spruce 65
Western Hemlock 80
Western Red Cedar 65
Larch 60
Grand Fir 80
Oak 80
Beech 80