The First World War

Team tea during World War I

Soldiers Visiting Stourhead, 1916

Cross erected near Alfred's Tower to commemorate site where a Portuguese refugee was stabbed to death during a fight in 1917

Portugese Refugees employed on the Stourhead Estate

'I think there was a Polish prisoner-of-war, who was left here (at Stourhead) and I think he used to make cheese in the basement..."A.H.'

Miss Y. Cox 1914-1919

During the attack on Mughair Ridge shot through the lungs, at two a clock on Nov 17th 1917 died from haemorrhage & heart failure Capt Henry Colt Arthur Hoare at Raseltin Hospital Alexandria; and rests in the Hadra Military Cemetery there. Our only & the best of sons. He never grieved us by thought word or deed. He loved Stourhead, worked for it, & with us, all his life. He was deeply respected by all here who mourn his loss.

Sir Henry Hugh Arthur Hoare, Stourhead Annals


'Harry' (Henry Colt Arthur) Hoare with his parents before the war

Entrance to Memorial Hall

'Cos father served in the Dorset Yeomanry with Sir Henry's late son, so when he went up for final interview to take the farm (Coldcot Farm), Sir Henry said to him: "Morning, Pickford." "Morning Sir." "I understand you knew my son" "Well I served with him, Sir Henry, in the war (WWI)." "That's all Pickford." That was the interview...'G.P

War Memorial for WWI