Due to other committments I am not giving any quotes or taking orders for cladding or fresh sawn timber at the moment. Please make use of our advice pages, but look elsewhere for your timber.

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Vertical Shadow Gap Cedar Cladding


This is a very simple profile giving a flush finish and a clear shadow line. The advantage of a lapped profile over a tongue and groove design is that it is possible to remove a single board if it is damaged, or you need access behind it, rather than having to strip half the wall.

Timber Appearance

Our Western Red Cedar (Thuja plicata) dries to a uniform honey colour. It has a scattering of small knots, all of which are "live", i.e. do not have a dark bark ring and will not fall out. The knots are all from branches below 22mm diameter. This conforms to BS1186-3 class 1, which while not really designed for use with cladding is sometimes specified. Cedar does not have any resin pockets.

Moisture Movement

Shrinkage will be a maximum of 2mm across the width. It is not necessary to leave a gap when installing as any movement will be shrinkage, so there is no danger of the boards popping off the wall. Cedar is unusual in that it shrinks in the length as it dries. If vertical cladding is in single lengths this is not an issue. If cladding needs to be joined, cut at 45° to give a neat overlapped joint.


There has been limited testing at Imperial College that suggests that UK grown cedar is as durable as US imports (some of it with Stourhead timber), but it has not changed the official durability rating, which gives a minimum service life of 30 years. In most circumstances expect more like 50 years.

Cedar will weather, see the design page for more information.

Price (Ex Vat)

2.49 /linear metre, equivalent to 24.90 /m2

To Purchase

Ideally vertical cladding should be done in single lengths. The maximum length we can cut is about 6m. We can work from a cutting list or dimensioned drawings to ensure that you get the lengths that you need. Ring 01747 445004 or email nick@stourhead.com .