Due to other committments I am not giving any quotes or taking orders for cladding or fresh sawn timber at the moment. Please make use of our advice pages, but look elsewhere for your timber.

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Timber Sawn to Order

Sawing Oak Gateposts

We are very flexible, if necessary felling the trees and sawing the timber for each order. We can saw, kiln dry and machine to any specification. We have no standard products, but just cut what customers want. We can give advice on suitable species and board designs for any application. With our mobile mill we can cut sections up to 200mm x 400mm (8" x 16") and lengths up to 6 metres (20 feet). We can also plane and machine rebates, chamfers. tongue and groove, etc. and cut curved braces for timber frames.

roof timbers
Douglas Fir Roof Timbers

There are no limits to the uses of timber: cladding, decking, garden landscaping, floorboards, windows... anything! It is the most sustainable construction material, as well as the most beautiful. For more ideas it is worth looking at the Wood for Good website.

Whatever you want - just ask. Ring 01747 445004 or e-mail nick@stourhead.com.