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Local Connection and Financial Conditions

Local Connection

Qualifying Parishes are Stourton, Kilmington, Mere, Zeals, Bourton, Penselwood, Charlton Musgrove and Brewham. One of the following must apply for at least one prospective adult tenant at the date of application:

1. Work connection

At least one year’s substantial and continuing employment in one or more of the qualifying Parishes; or
At least one year of self employment or running a business operating to a substantial degree in the one or more of the qualifying Parishes

2. Local residency

Full time residence in one of the qualifying Parishes for at least 5 of the preceding 10 years

3. Family connection

At least one parent resident in a qualifying Parish, who has lived in one of the qualifying Parishes full time for the preceding 10 years

Financial conditions

If the answer to any of the below is yes, you are not eligible for a tenancy: